Wiring an ADR BTR to a 25 Pin RS422 Port

Cable drawing:

RS422 cable
RS422 Serial Port Cable
FEMALE cable plug

mates with RS422

25 Pin Male Connector

  MALE cable plug

mates with AMI J3

DB9 Pin Female Connector

DB25 pin Signal Direction J3 pin Signal
19 TD(A) IN to BTR 1 RX+
25 TD(B) IN to BTR 4 RX-
7 FR.GND - 5 GND
15 RD(A) OUT of BTR 6 TX+
17 RD(B) OUT of BTR 9 TX-


  1. Be sure the RS 422 jumper is in place and RS 232 jumper is removed.

  2. The Wire type must be twisted shielded pairs.