ADR BTR Serial Communication Interface - RS422 Adapter cable

Cable drawing:

RS422 cable
RS422 adapter cable
Tinned Wire ends
mate with Screw Terminals on RS422 adapter
  MALE Cable Plug
mates with AMI J3 DB9 pin Female Connector
Terminal Function Label Direction J3 pin Signal
Pos. output TD(A) » 1 RX+
Neg. output TD(B) » 4 RX-
Shield/Frame Gnd FR.GND - 5 GND
Pos. input RD(A) « 6 TX+
Neg. input RD(B) « 9 TX-
Power Supply GND  
Power Supply +12VDC


  1. Be sure the RS 422 jumper is in place and RS 232 jumper is removed.
  2. The voltage input to the +12VDC terminal does not have to be regulated.