Reading the ADR BTR LEDs

OLDER BTRs with one GREEN LED and Three Red LEDS

If you have the ADR BTR connected right, you will be able to send and receive data. Should something be wrong, a lot of information can be derived by observing the four LEDs on the BTR.

DS# Color Function
1 Green ON when BTR has +5V power
2 Red Blinks when BTR is sending data to PC or when BTR outputs data to CNC Forward Direction.
3 Red Blinks when BTR outputs data to CNC - either direction.
4 Red Blinks when BTR receives data - goes solid when file data is in BTR memory.
Power ON Reset
  All LEDs flash ON, then DS2,3,4 go out
CNC Forward Reading
  DS2,3 pulse on when CNC reads data
CNC Reverse Reading
  DS2 pulses on then CNC reads reverse
CNC Punching
  DS2 pulses while CNC punches
RS422 Multi-drop protocol mode
  DS4 blinks each time the BTR is polled