BTR Repair and EXEC Tape Conversion Services
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BTR Repair Services

BTR Testing
We determine if your ADR BTR is working.
Sometimes it is not known if the BTR is bad,
or if its the CNC tape reader interface that is bad. Simply ship it to us, and we will put it on our test system and tell you the results.

Normal BTR Repair
You ship your BTR to us, we repair it,
and ship it back.

The normal repair process
  • Ship your BTR to us using FEDEX or UPS
    (next day or slower) NOT Saturday or Early Morning
  • We evaluate your BTR to determine what is wrong, and call you with an estimate.
  • ADR provides quick turn-a-round for repairs, usually within 24 hours.
  • Your BTR is returned using FEDEX or UPS.
    Shipping charges can be billed to your account.
  • Repairs are backed by a one year warranty.

    Emergency BTR Repair Minimum down time
    We sell you a new unit and immediately ship it to you. You ship your broken BTR to us within 30days. We re-fund 25% upon receipt of defective unit.

    BTR Warranty Repair
    Same as a normal repair only cost for repair are free, you only pay for shipping.

  • {tape conversion image}
    If your CNC uses Executive Tapes.

    Exec Tape to disk Conversion Process
  • Ship executive tapes to us, using FEDEX or UPS
  • We label the tapes, T1,T2,...
  • The tapes are read using our custom software
  • Executive files are copied to a USB Flash Drive
  • Your tapes are returned using FEDEX or UPS
  • We assist you in sending the exec files to the BTR

  • All work is done quickly and accurately to minimize the time your exec tape is out of your office.

    Exec tape reads have many pitfalls requiring special PC software, and our custom software handles all of them.